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How To Send And Receive Crypto With Your Phone Number

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, innovation continues to redefine how we transact with digital assets. Before now, sending and receiving crypto typically involves copying long strings of numbers and letters and going through networks with transaction fees, mining costs and all that

But with Binance Pay, the cutting-edge payment solution from the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance, emerging as a game-changer, enabling users to effortlessly send and receive crypto using their phone numbers.

In this article, I am going to outline the fast, effective and zero-fee method by which you can seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrency using one’s phone number or email, yes as simple as that through Binance pay

What Is Binance Pay

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance. Binance Pay allows you to pay and receive money in crypto from your friends and family worldwide.

How to use Binance Pay on Binance App?


You can access Binance Pay from the Binance App in one of two steps

From the homepage on the binance pro version, tap on [More] – [Pay]

Alternatively hit on your profile icon on the top left corner and tap PAY


Tap Open Binance Pay and set up your account


Create your unique Binance Pay Nickname.

Note that you will not be able to change your Nickname afterwards.


Set your Pay PIN


Congratulations, your Pay Wallet has been successfully set up.


To send crypto simply scan the other party’s Binance Pay QR code on the top right corning with your Binance App or tap the hit send to bring up sending via email, phone or PayID

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If you prefer to send via email or Pay ID choose those options, but in this instance, I will send via the local phone number

If the number is not registered to a binance account, a popup will prompt you that the funds will be transferred once the user sets up a binance account

If however, the number is a registered account you can hit continue


The system will redirect you to the cryptocurrency list page. You can check the available balance in both Funding and Spot Wallet. If no assets are available, you should first transfer funds to your Funding or Spot Wallet.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to transfer.


Enter the payment amount and notes (if any) for this payment.


Tap Confirm. If you wish to change your payment method, tap Payment Method to view the available payment methods. After that, tap Confirm.

 Pay PIN for payment verification and complete payment

The payment amount will be deducted from your Funding Wallet or Spot Wallet balance according to the cryptocurrency order you’ve set.

And that’s it you just sent crypto to another user on the binance platform using their phone number via Binance pay at


To receive a crypto tap on the receive

Generate your QR code

Alternatively, you can also send your Pay ID to the sending person, and he/she can pay you through that option

You can also specify the amount and receive exact payment

In conclusion, Binance Pay revolutionizes the way we transact with cryptocurrencies, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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By leveraging the power of your phone number, you can effortlessly send and receive crypto with just a few taps. The convenience and accessibility of Binance Pay open up a world of possibilities, allowing users to engage in fast and secure transactions without the need for complicated wallet addresses


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