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How to Install Metamask on Chrome Extension

MetaMask is one of the most popular browser extensions that serve as a way of storing your Ethereum and other ERC-20 Tokens.

The extension is free and secure, and it allows web applications to read and interact with Ethereum’s blockchain.

It is available as a browser extension on Chrome, on the App Store, and Google Play Store.

The wallet includes a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make a MetaMask wallet so that you can interact with blockchain applications.

To make a MetaMask wallet, you need to add the MetaMask extension to Chrome


Visit the Chrome extension store and Add Metamask to your browser


Once you’ve added the MetaMask extension to Chrome, open it by navigating to the bar of Chrome, you’ll click on the puzzle icon

Once you’ve added the MetaMask extension to Chrome, you need to open it.

On the top navigation bar of Chrome, you’ll see a puzzle icon.


 On launch, you’ll be greeted with a welcome message. Get Started


Select your Create a Wallet

On the page, you’ll see a couple of options.

This includes “No, I already have a Secret Recovery Phrase”, and “Yes, let’s get set up!”.

The “No, I already have a Secret Recovery Phrase” option allows you to import an existing wallet using a backup phrase.

On the other hand, the “Yes, let’s get set up!” option allows you to create a new MetaMask wallet.

Since this is your first time using MetaMask, click on “Create a Wallet” to create a new MetaMask wallet.


Agree to terms

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On this page, MetaMask states that they need to gather your usage data.

This is to better understand how their users interact with the extension.

To create a MetaMask wallet, you need to agree to the terms.

The main term that you have to agree to is sending anonymized click and pageview events.

MetaMask will never collect your IP address or sell your data.

Click on “I Agree” to agree to their terms.


Create a password

On the page, you need to create a password for your MetaMask wallet.

Firstly, create a password and enter it in the “New password” field.

Keep in mind that your password needs to contain a minimum of 8 characters.

Next, re-enter your password in the “Confirm password” field.

Then, your need to read and agree to the Terms of Use.

Lastly, click on “Create” to create a password.


Store your backup phrase

After you’ve created a password, you’ll land on the “Secret Backup Phrase” page.

In this step, you’ll be given a secret backup phrase.

Your secret backup phrase allows you to import your MetaMask wallet.

Firstly, click on the lock icon to reveal the secret words.

Then, copy your backup phrase and store it in a safe place.

There are a couple of ways to store your backup phrase.

This includes storing it in a password manager or writing it down on a piece of paper.

Do not disclose your backup phrase as others will be able to steal your Ethereum.

Once you’ve stored your backup phrase in a safe place, click on “Next” to proceed to the next step.

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Confirm your backup phrase

Now that you’ve stored your backup phrase in a safe place, you need to confirm it.

On the page, you’ll see words from your recovery phrase in a jumbled order.

To confirm your backup phrase, you need to select each word in the correct order.

For example, if the first 3 words of your backup phrase are “apple”, “banana”, “pear”.

Click on “apple”, “banana”, and “pear” respectively.

Once you’ve selected each word in the correct order, click on “Confirm’ to confirm your backup phrase.


Start using MetaMask

After you’ve confirmed your recovery phrase, you’ll land on the congratulations page.

This means that you’ve successfully made a MetaMask wallet!

Click on “All Done” to complete the wallet creation process.


Now that you’ve created a MetaMask wallet, you need to make sure to keep your backup phrase safe.

To begin with, you should never share your backup phrase with anyone.

If someone knows your backup phrase, they’ll be able to access your wallet and steal your Ethereum.

Secondly, you should store your backup phrase in multiple places.

This will prevent you from losing it.

If you lose your backup phrase, MetaMask will not be able to recover it for you.


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